Take the guesswork out of hiring with Critical Hire assessments

Pre-employment Integrity and Personality Testing for Correctional Officer & Law Enforcement applicants

Critical Hire® - Profile


The Critical Hire® - Profile is a pre-employment test that helps hiring agencies measure law enforcement applicant's work-related values and personality traits for an optimal employee-job fit.

The Critical Hire® - Profile:

Measures prior employment and criminal histories, 5 unique aspects of integrity, and 19 personality traits to offer hiring agencies a comprehensive profile of each applicant

Is ADA & EEOC compliant

Is simple and easy to administer within your existing hiring process 

Can be administered pre- or post-conditional offer

Helps hiring agencies avoid costly hiring mistakes

Multiple research studies have been conducted on the Critical Hire® - Profile, and have found that the Critical Hire® - Profile: 

Is valid and reliable 

Does not discriminate based on gender, race or age 

and has been found found to be between 86% and 90% accurate in predicting mis-hires (Tatman, 2018; Tatman, 2019)


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